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Five Creative Workshops Designed To Improve Student Writing

Customize a 2, 3, 4 or 6-hour workshop by combining any of our five
staff development programs to fit your school's particular needs

Helping Struggling Readers Through Writing

Struggling readers often feel that writing is too hard because it takes so much focus and work. In this workshop, teachers will practice different methods to get kids started writing short sentences, thoughts, paragraphs and ideas. Struggling readers need to focus on story meaning for comprehension; and through writing, students will begin to see the connection between written print and meaning. This interactive workshop will focus on teaching writing through modeling and through the use of concrete organizers. Struggling readers benefit tremendously from daily writing… let's discover fun, effective ways to get kids reading and writing!

Parents As Writers: Building the Parent–Child Connection Through Writing At Home

Families have always enjoyed playing games together – Monopoly, Checkers, etc. and reading together. How about having fun writing and learning together?!! Creative writing is interactive, challenging and fun. The more people write, the more they learn about the writing process and what makes their writing interesting. Using vivid verbs, precise descriptions and phrasing adds life and interest to writing. Most importantly, writing and reading go hand-in-hand. While improving writing skills, children improve their reading skills. During this workshop, participants will learn many ways to encourage parents to write with their child at home. Some examples include:

  • Write a description of the family dog without using the following words: hairy, loud, sweet, cute, bark, run, jump, eat.
  • The dog walks across the street. Add 3 words to this sentence to make it more interesting. Change the verb in the sentence.
  • I ate an ice cream cone yesterday at the mall. Rearrange the words in this sentence to make it more interesting.

Use of the Write More student portfolios at home will also be a focus of the workshop. These portfolios remind parents and students of the many different ways to enhance writing.

Learning to Express Knowledge and Ideas Concisely and Thoroughly for the 21st Century

Being able to express one's ideas and knowledge is a timeless, invaluable skill; yet, in the 21st century, people want information concisely and thoroughly delivered. Learning to organize ideas before writing is more of an essential skill than ever. During this interactive, hands-on workshop, we will discover many ways that organization works to narrow a writer's focus while expanding on the writer's ideas. Students and adults of all ages need to learn and practice this skill of focus and organization.

Audience:  grades 6 and higher

Write More Program Workshop: Ranger, Explorer or Quest

The focus of the workshop is to teach students to become independent writers. Using the Write More Portfolios, teachers learn how to teach students the components of writing - good beginnings, smooth transitions, clear organization, editing and proofing. Teachers learn how to effectively use the Write More Organizers and Rubrics to help students' writing stay focused. Write More specialists will provide valuable insight on how to create a classroom environment conducive to writing fun and enjoyment for both students and teachers.

Write More Make-It, Take –It Workshop

During this hands-on workshop, teachers design and make writing folders to integrate with science and social studies objectives. Writing folders can be used in writing centers, for whole class instruction, or independent work areas. Teachers learn how to use writing as a way to test for student understanding. Teachers leave this workshop with writing activities in hand and ready to use the next day! Your staff will love this workshop!

The Writing Process Workshop

This step-by-step workshop is designed to guide teachers through the entire writing process:

  • Generating of Ideas
  • Organizing Ideas
  • Transition Words
  • Conferencing
  • Rough Draft
  • Sentence Variety
  • Descriptive Words
  • Classroom Management

Teachers will leave this workshop with a plan for writing that they can implement the next day!

Professional Development Bundle

The Bundle Includes:

  • Four Write More Writer's Tool Bags
    • Mix and Match any of our Ranger, Explorer or Quest Writer's Tool Bags Classroom Sets
  • PLUS a customized 2-Hour Professional Development Workshop

Only $1,299.95

Does not include travel expenses

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Workshop Pricing *

  • 2-Hour Workshop - STW-2H: $495.00
  • 3-Hour Workshop - STW-3H: $695.00
  • 4-Hour Workshop - STW-4H: $850.00
  • 6-Hour Workshop - STW-6H: $1,195.00

* All workshop prices do not include travel expenses, which are billed separately.

For more information, call Write More @ (888) 974-8311

Travel Policy for Write More Instructors

Air Travel

Air travel will be required when one-way automobile travel time from the Write More office is greater than six (6) hours or when requested by the client. Write More will diligently attempt to appropriate the best coach rate available for non-stop travel. One-stop or multiple stop travel will be used only if non-stop is not available. A $25.00 travel administration fee will be added to all air travel costs.

Car Rental and Fuel Charges

Car rental will be required with all air travel, unless complete transportation services are to be provided by the client. Write More will diligently attempt to appropriate the best mid-size car rate available from an airport rental location. Rental company insurance and fuel option will be utilized, whenever available. Any additional fuel purchases will be made, and are reimbursable, whenever necessary. A $15.00 travel administration fee will be added to all car rentals.


Mileage is reimbursed at the current government-allowed rate of $0.50/mile for Personal Owned Vehicles. This rate is subject to change in accordance to changes in the government policy. Mileage is calculated from our office at 7209 Creedmoor Road, Suite 109, Raleigh, NC 27613 to the workshop location in accordance to the distance calculated by MapQuest Map Service.


Write More's policy is to reimburse our instructors one meal for every four hours of workshop and travel time. Each meal is expensed at $12.50.

Overnight Accommodations

Accommodations will be required when total one-way travel time exceeds 4 hours, or if the workshop starting /ending time is such that automobile travel to reach the workshop site requires the instructor to leave before 7:00AM, or if the instructor would arrive back in Raleigh after 7:00PM. A flat rate of $125.00 per night for accommodations would be expensed.

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