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animal, care, health, veterinarian, observation, dessert, chocolate, tasty, delicious, unusual, equipment, sportsmanship, field, favorite

Quick Thinking Activity
  1. How many different types of pets can you list in six minutes? Be creative!
  2. Write the names of your top seven favorite desserts....yum!
  3. Think sports equipment...list all the different types you can. For example: bat, goggles, cleats, etc.
Journal Activities
  1. Observe a pet for ten minutes and write what he does, describe how he looks and predict what he will do next.
  2. Write about a favorite memory you have eating a delicious dessert.Where were you? Who was with you? Why were you together?
  3. Pretend you are a piece of sports equipment and describe your life. Is it a fun life or hard and painful?
Creative Writing Activities
  1. You are the owner of a new pet shop! Write an announcement for your local newspaper, town blog or radio commercial. Be sure to tell where you are located, what separates your shop from others and why pet owners prefer your shop.
  2. Write a poem that describes a dessert. Use sensory words that appeal to one's nose, taste, and sight.
  3. If someone was to goggle your favorite sport, what article would they read about it? Write the article that describes your sport to someone who has never seen it played.
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Write More Activities

Write More wants students to write more everyday! Writing needs to be integrated throughout the day in all subjects. Students need to be writing so much that they don’t think of it as writing time; rather, it is simply part of everyday class work.

The following activities all focus on the same topic, yet each activity is varied in type of writing and length of time to complete it. Use these activities together on the same day or do one activity one day and two activities the next day. Allow students to work together to come up with ideas and do lots of whole class modeling for organizing ideas on an organizer.

Quick Thinking Activities:

These activities are designed to last 5-15 minutes. Use these activities to brainstorm ideas, to review prior knowledge and to encourage team work and team learning. Have fun with these suggestions! Kids can shout aloud answers or race to write them. These activities teach kids to simply start writing quickly, to start forming ideas quickly and to have fun with writing!

Journal Activities:

These activities are designed to last 7-20 minutes. Journal topics inspire kids to think and write about their feelings without risk of judgement or grading. Journaling teaches students to act and think like writers, to note and jot ideas that they may later develop into complete stories. These activities are never to be graded. Encourage kids to read them aloud.

Creative Writing Activities:

These activities take kids through the writing process from organizing and planning, to writing a rough draft and working on revisions and finally to publishing.


Write More has included vocabulary words to enrich student understanding and to guide student discussions. Learning the correct spelling of the words is important for older students but Write More is more focused on teaching kids to incorporate these words into their writing.